There are so many worthy and wonderful Charities and most of us have our particular favourites - This year we have decided to actively widen our net to embrace Charities and Good Causes that resonate throughout our community. In this way we are also able to support many smaller Charitable activities and where appropriate these will be shown against the individual Hare listings with a link to enable you to learn more about their work.

We shall always be pleased to hear suggestions that can expand this approach.


Once again the Mayor’s Charities are a strong focus, and they are..

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PROJECT HORIZON is a wonderful initiative at Haslemere Educational Museum. It aims to broaden horizons for those challenged with autism. It enables the Museum to open at times when it is closed to the public, therby ensuring a quieter atmosphere and a one to one with a member of staff who is trained in enabling autistic children to make the most of the Museum’s educational gems.

Other aspects include being able to offer a handbook (in hard copy and electronically) prior to the visit so that parents and carers can explain the forthcoming visit, ensuring the experience is more relaxed and of most benefit.

Haslemere Town Mayor, David Round, has chosen this because one of his grandchildren is autistic so he knows the challenges they face and would like to support local youngsters and the Museum.