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25 HARE Hiding
As the name so accurately describes, this HARE is hiding. And whilst we are frequently urged to 'think outside the box', on this particular occasion we can see the benefits of creating an imaginative artistic interpretation that is very much 'Inside the Box'.

With the proceeds going to the amazing Hunter Centre, where a wonderful team provide support for those, patients and carers, whose lives are blighted by Dementia, it is
hoped that this will prove to be one of the Stars of the Auction.

Collingwood Batchellor
Collingwood Batchellor, High St
Brian Howard (

Art is only one of the subjects that Brian was rubbish at at school.

Despite claiming that there has been 'no improvement' since those days, he did allow himself to be cajoled into attending an evening organised by Tipple Art and shocked himself with his creation that may yet become a family HAREloom !!!

This modest success encouraged him to be brave and create his 'HARE Hiding' which he hopes will raise a lot of money for The Hunter Centre in Haslemere, where a wonderful group of people cater for those living with Dementia and for their carers.

The Hunter Centre