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13 HARElianthus
This Hare has been inspired by my nephew, Sam, who is receiving treatment for Leukaemia. At only two and half, he has spent more than a fifth of his life in hospital and yet he is a little ray of sunshine who always brings a smile to your face. I decided that a Sunflower (Helianthus being the latin name) depicted his 'sunny' disposition perfectly.

I should like to point out that no other hares were harmed in the creation of this piece!!

Marley Flowers
Marley Flowers, High St
Melissa King (

Melissa King is the owner of Marley Flowers. She studied art & design at Northbrook College, followed by jewellery, silver-smithing & architectural metalwork at Plymouth Art College. Melissa was determined not to go into the family flower business until she realised that flowers were simply another medium! She particularly enjoys incorporating different materials into her work and making unusual things out of flowers and other materials. She once made a table out of Asparagus!!!

Bloodwise (formally Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research)