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43 HAREy Biker
As I'm a people painter it was inevitable that my approach to this hare would be by humanising it!

And when I'm thinking of a title for my paintings I'm often making a play on words, so this was no different! When I struck on 'Harey' the bikers bit was instant and the picture of tattoos, leathers and shades all took form in my head.

I enjoyed playing around with the tattoos - his night and day, his hero Dad, and his beloved Mum (RIP), his favourite film star (Bugs) and on his knuckles ancient celtic symbols for the Hazel tree, and Lake or Mere.
I hope the real Hairy Bikers will forgive my play on their name!

Limelight Accountancy
Limelight Accountancy, Wey Hill
Sue Ransley

I paint everyday folk, and may take a poke,
but it's done with warmth and affection.

My folk fill their space, a mere hint of place,
it's more about telling their story.

They're honest and real, for me that's the appeal,
sharing ordinary everyday moments.

And if I've got it right - and sometimes I might ;)
You'll be thinking they're sort of familiar!

Haslewey Community Centre