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When Haslemere Rotary Club decided to sponsor a Hare, they “found, within their extended family” an artist willing to rise to the challenge of designing to fit their brief.

David was asked to include a Crocus as it is the icon that represents the fight against Polio and he decided to show the crocuses being blown around with bees and Butterflies, which represent the freedom of movement associated with being free of Polio.

Haslemere Rotary
The Art Department, Weyhill
David Byrd

I attended Birmingham Art School during the mid 70’s studying Graphic design.

I started an Advertising and Design Agency and continued that in various incarnations for 25 years, before becoming a brand and strategy consultant and non executive director both in the worlds of design and creative property marketing.

I love Portraiture and dabble - all too infrequently - in painting when I can. Once approached by Haslemere Rotary and heard of the good work they do to eradicate polio , I jumped at the chance to paint a Hare and having seen Elephants around London wanted to see what I could come up with.

Haslemere Rotary