Mandy McKenna

Owner of Firing Earth Mobile Pottery Painting Studio for over 10 years, Mandy originally was a Chef and specialised in Wedding Cakes and Ice Flowers.

Art was always her hobby and passion so Mandy decided to retrain in all aspects of running a pottery painting studio. Once qualified, Mandy opened the hugely successful commercial pottery painting studio which was based in Surrey.

3 years ago, Mandy relocated the business to Ifold, West Sussex where she now runs it as a mobile pottery painting studio with pop up events and workshops in a variety of locations. By becoming a mobile studio, Mandy was able to reduce costs for customers, making it an affordable experience for all. Another bonus for Mandy is that she can concentrate on creating and showcasing her own line of ceramic & water colour artwork.

Mandy is friendly, hardworking and passionate about art. Mandy is always on hand to help customers turn their ideas into master pieces.