Lois Hobden & Family

Lois grew up surrounded by a creative and artistic family. Throughout her childhood she sketched things around her and her particular interest for portraits is reflected in this early work. She studied Art at school along with Graphic Design.

Lois completed a Diploma in Painting and Drawing with the London College of Art. Her interest in Photography - particularly in child portraiture - led her to complete an Open College of the Arts Course: The Art of Photography, which developed skills in this area.

Lois now works predominantly in child portraiture, receiving commissions through her website. Her 6 year old son has been diagnosed with autism and she fits her work around home educating him to explore his sensory needs and provide him with opportunities for creativity. Asher loves to be outdoors in nature and will spend hours amongst the trees and plants. He also adores water and loves nothing more than splashing in Rivers and the sea. Lois's aim was to capture Asher's love of nature and his attention to detail on the AshHARE.